not use dry towel to wipe face directly, or

not use dry towel to wipe face directly, or

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3 square meters toilet is normal, but also add washing, toilet, shower these three major functions, there seems to be no spare place for storage, in fact, you will find that there are many places that can be used for storage, not just bathroom cabinets, mirror cabinets, towel poles.

We often use towels, rags and other products in our daily life, but we do not realize that wet towels contain chemical additives such as preservatives and moisturizers; traditional towels are easy to breed bacteria and other microorganisms and are easy to produce mites; paper towels fall off and can only be used dry; rags breed a large number of bacteria; these are harmful to our health.

There are some girls who wash their faces and constantly pat on the face when applying moisturizing and skincare products, thinking that this can make the moisture better absorbed, but it is not. Sensitive skin is usually fragile, and hard circling or slapping can easily irritate the skin. Also do not use dry towel to wipe face directly, or should take gentle massage or press the way, should rub hot hands before pressing, promote absorption.

The artifact to solve this pain point is the electric towel rack. This thing is good to add in the later stage, installation is a matter of hitting a few nails, and you can share a socket with a hairdryer.

1. Explain the meaning of this activity to parents and cooperate with us to do the following preparatory work (guide children to do psychological preparation work, guide children to prepare items: towels.

In the sports field with shotcrete technology, the bottom of the runway is naturally spread out on the ground with the bottom of the runway facing up, and the bottom surface is polished by a grinder to enhance the adhesion between the runway and the foundation layer, so that the adhesion between the runway and the foundation layer is stronger, so the most important thing in the construction of the kindergarten runway is environmental protection. This kind of EDPM is extruded, the surface is smooth, and the chemical composition of the whole material is very stable even in strong sunlight. There is no need to worry about the volatilization of formaldehyde and other harmful substances at all. Precautions: during the grinding process, the grinder should move forward at a uniform speed. Do not damage the surface of the runway to prevent the bottom seepage foundation from leveling. The professional sealing glue has a good adhesion with the bottom foundation and the upper rubber plate, so as to ensure the bonding effect of the runway. Polyurethane plastic materials are afraid of water in the construction process, and the glue will produce a large bubble when it touches a drop of water before preliminary curing. Therefore, construction workers should prepare towels to wipe sweat when working under high temperature conditions.

Nowadays, this kind of picnic in the suburbs is very attractive to the public. Some citizens say that long-distance travel is inconvenient, and the radius of the trip is narrowed. It is very happy to find a place with a beautiful environment and get together with relatives and friends. People can enjoy more and more leisure and recreational activities when camping, of course, it will produce more domestic waste, paper towels, melon peels, plastic bags. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will do great damage to the natural environment and make it impossible for others to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The more storage space in the bathroom, the better. Items such as toilet racks, towel racks and clothing hooks should be located near the bathtub or shower. Like shelves where clean towels are stacked, cabinets for storing chemicals, medicines and cleaning supplies are also useful. You can also make full use of the space behind the bathtub guard to easily access items through a small door. In order to create a harmonious and unified appearance, you can choose bathroom cabinets or lockers with sufficient storage space under the basin.

The influenza virus spreads easily. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he will spread the droplets containing the virus into the air. People around him will be infected by inhaling these droplets. Influenza viruses can also be spread through hands infected with the virus. Therefore, after the emergence of flu symptoms, you should try to rest at home, open windows for ventilation, cough and sneeze cover your mouth and nose with paper towels and towels, and wash your hands frequently. When family members have influenza patients, they should avoid close contact as far as possible, especially when there are children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases. Patients with influenza should avoid going in and out of public places as far as possible. If they really need to go out, they should wear a mask. When parents with influenza symptoms go to the hospital, they should also protect the children and themselves (such as wearing masks) to avoid cross-infection.

Dental cleaning equipment also contains different surface states, such as common hardware accessories, various tools, various thinners and so on. Due to the different environment in which dental cleaning equipment is used, it is impossible for patients to wash off one original wet towel or towel bag at a time. Patients may often stain the dust and debris around their hands. When there are too many sundries near the towel bag, it will affect the pain or bad smell, and the patient will have any symptoms at the same time, causing unnecessary trouble. After that, it needs to be cleaned by a person who specializes in hand cleaning.

Most tumor patients have hypercoagulable state. the longer the immobilization time after operation, the higher the incidence of lower extremity deep venous thrombosis. Warm water towels can be used to heat the soles of the feet to help patients move their toes, or to give lower limb massage to promote blood circulation. Can also be given air pressure therapeutic apparatus to assist massage 30min, twice a day, can effectively promote lower limb blood circulation, avoid the formation of deep vein thrombosis [21].