as steel balls, try to use towel s or small brushes

as steel balls, try to use towel s or small brushes

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No matter how good the anti-mosquito measures are, it is hard to avoid being bitten. If the baby is unlucky and feels uncomfortable after being bitten by mosquitoes, you can apply cold water towel for 5 minutes, wash the affected area with soapy water, and wipe the baby with calamine lotion at home.

According to the notice of Hangzhou Bureau of Education, during the epidemic prevention and control period, the school (including student dormitory) implements completely closed management, parents are not allowed to enter the campus, please understand and cooperate. At the same time, parents are also invited to educate students, do not share, mix washbasin towels, toothpaste and other items, there is no need not to walk around in the dormitory.

Away from home, many people are afraid to use hotel towels, bathtubs and toilets, and swimming in public swimming pools are also afraid of contracting STDs. In fact, so far, there is not enough hard evidence to prove that the use of public appliances and facilities can cause reproductive infections. But this does not mean that public appliances and facilities can be used without scruples. ?

How to clean and disinfect the equipment and pipes? First of all, we need to choose qualified pipe cleaning products, generally choose weakly alkaline and weakly acidic detergents, in addition, because most of the equipment in our baby swimming pool is made of acrylic, we cannot use strong corrosion, and we also need to pay attention to the fact that when cleaning, do not clean with sharp objects, such as steel balls, try to use towels or small brushes with fine brushes. Otherwise, it will bring irreversible damage to our baby swimming equipment, which will not only affect our later use, but also will be abandoned, so we need to buy new baby swimming equipment next time.

Xiao Wu handed his father water with a towel and listened enthusiastically. Wu Jing is tired to play with the children. This should be the first time he has acted with his son, and he has to stay on the crew for so long.

as steel balls, try to use towel s or small brushes

When many parents take their children swimming, they always feel that they are well equipped before departure. When they arrive, they suddenly find that they have forgotten this and that. Warm tip: take the baby to the baby swimming pool in autumn, or at least take the baby to change clothes! As for towels, bath towels, etc., as long as there is money, the baby swimming pool will provide.