the scale with a soft dry towel , and then do

the scale with a soft dry towel , and then do

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Towels in the case of long-term dry will breed a large number of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, the use of towels to wipe the face will bring these microbes to the face, so it is best to choose disposable face towels when wiping the face.

Finally, ignore the hygiene after swimming. Immediately after swimming, you should wipe off the scale with a soft dry towel, and then do a few relaxation exercises and limb massage to avoid muscle rigidity and fatigue.

the scale with a soft dry towel , and then do

As a result, the things drying on the electric towel rack are covered with bacteria. It is recommended that no matter how big the bathroom is, do not install a towel rack in the bathroom. Try the practice of young people to make the bathroom clean and hygienic.

On weekdays to take more baths, timely removal of body surface dirt, keep sweat gland pores unobstructed; their own bedding should be regularly dried, the use of ultraviolet light for full antivirus, while regular cleaning to ensure cleanliness. In summer and other sweating seasons, it is necessary to change wet clothes in time to avoid secondary skin damage. For people who have developed sweat herpes, their own cleaning materials, such as towels and pillow towels, need to be handled separately to avoid cross-infection.

On May 28, 2015, Zhu Zhijun re-registered a company, which is: Ben Life. Since then, he took “the most Life” as the towel brand and began a new journey. Why choose towels as focus products? One reason is that towels are the largest marketing category in the category of household products, and the other reason is related to the domestic towel market. Zhu Zhijun said that in the domestic towel category, there are actually no cost-effective brands that reach consumers.

The climate itself is dry in winter, and turning on the heating will make the air in the car drier, which makes the skin more dry. At the same time, dry air is also easy to produce static electricity. To prevent dryness, in addition to using a car moisturizer, you can also put a wet towel on the dashboard. After turning on the heating, the air outlet should not be aimed directly at the face. Although the face is very resistant to temperature changes, hot air that is dry for a long time will accelerate the aging of the skin. Women should be extra careful. In addition, when the hot air rises, heating from the lower part can achieve a better and faster heating effect. The same truth as when cold air conditioning is turned on in summer, when hot air is just opened, the rear window is slightly open for a period of time. Due to the entry of hot air and the spillover of cold air, the heating effect is reflected more quickly.

the scale with a soft dry towel , and then do

The children were concentrating on their activities when they heard an emergency alarm. The teachers of each class quickly led the children to pick up wet towels according to the evacuation route of the emergency plan, covered their mouths and noses, and quickly went downstairs in two ways. soon the children gathered to the safety of the playground. The teacher quickly counted the number of people and reported to the commander-in-chief. The whole evacuation took two minutes.

Supine sleep posture the best sleep position for patients with scoliosis is lying flat. This is a relatively neutral posture and does not cause any unnecessary tension or any unnatural bending to the spine. This posture is good for patients with scoliosis and will not affect the rest. It is best to add a small soft cushion to the protuberance of the back, roll up the cushion with a towel, place it on the lower part of the lumbar spine, and maintain the original posture and stability of

13. During the high temperature season, the senior leaders of the company personally led the condolence group to express their condolences to the construction workers who fought on the front line in the hot season, sending mineral water, toilet water, towels, soap and other heat prevention and cooling products. And expressed heartfelt thanks and condolences to the builders of each construction site for their hard work in the hot summer, and urged the person in charge of the construction site to do a good job in heat prevention and cooling to ensure the safety of the construction site.