take off their coat, scarf, back towel , etc.), clothes and

take off their coat, scarf, back towel , etc.), clothes and

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Viral conjunctivitis is contagious, acute and has obvious irritation symptoms, the main symptoms are eye pain, foreign body sensation, watery secretions and photophobia, and some patients have subconjunctival hemorrhage and enlarged preauricular lymph nodes. It is often accompanied by general discomfort, fever and upper respiratory tract infection. Viral conjunctivitis is generally transmitted through water in the swimming pool, sharing towels with others, and hand-to-hand contact. Once suffering from viral conjunctivitis, it is necessary to immediately disinfect and isolate and cut off the route of transmission in time. This kind of eye disease has no specific drugs, can be locally used antiviral drugs, generally 7 to 10 days can be cured.

two。 Remind and check whether the children are ready for morning exercises (winter needs to take off their coat, scarf, back towel, etc.), clothes and shoes.

The use of white is particularly effective in the toilet, because the bathtubs, toilets and sinks in the toilet are basically white, and other white uses, such as white walls and white towel racks, can make the space form a seamless docking, so that the space has a sense of expansion due to transparency, and then enlarge the bathroom space visually.

So for the newborn baby, parents do not need to put blankets and towels on the baby, although this is only a little bit higher, but for the baby, a little cushion will be too high.

take off their coat, scarf, back towel , etc.), clothes and

4. The electric towel bar is also a necessary thing in the bathroom, especially in the toilet with no windows and poor ventilation, the towel can be dried at any time with the electric towel rack, and it is also comfortable to wipe your face every day.

As a care teacher, teacher Zheng Aixia can strictly carry out all kinds of hygiene and disinfection work, wash towels, cups, toys and other commonly used items for children on time; ensure that children grow up healthily in a hygienic and comfortable environment; while doing a good job in their own work, can also take the initiative to cooperate with our teaching work and put forward good suggestions for all kinds of work.

According to the requirements of the fire leadership group, how to safely evacuate people and other basic operations, how to do and so on. All departments and personnel of the factory are involved. Experienced how to correctly use the fire extinguisher fire drill tense and orderly, reiterated the importance of fire safety and fire escape. What should everyone do; how to call the police correctly; how to fight correctly; how to evacuate students; how to save and escape. We do find that there are many deficiencies. All the staff are in position, covering their mouths with wet towels to make the whole company staff understand and master how to identify danger, xx and, run and bend over, hoping to help everyone. Individual representatives went to the stage to experience it, and the cohesion of the team was sublimated. The training of basic knowledge of fire control organized in an orderly manner and before the exercise can also find out the lessons of work mistakes. Administrator,

In fact, we all know how to decorate the bathroom is a big project, it is impossible to say that two or three days can achieve perfect results, so we need to have more ways to improve. You can buy some smart bathroom products to add effect, such as this electric towel rack, not only good-looking, powerful, but also can be used as storage, can be connected to mobile phone operation, the toilet will come up all of a sudden.

The method of escape and evacuation of school personnel: after confirming the fire, the fire control room, duty room or shift personnel should start emergency broadcasting, emergency lighting, evacuation signs or other warning signals in time, and evacuate the personnel to a safe area in time. When passing through a fire filled with smoke, personnel should cover their mouth and nose with wet towels or clothes. keep their heads down and the moon should move forward quickly, do not take a deep breath, and greatly reduce the possibility of inhaling toxic gases into the body; once the body is on fire, do not run around, roll on the spot, extinguish the flames on the body or take off the burning clothes to prevent burns.

take off their coat, scarf, back towel , etc.), clothes and

Sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of the practicality of zipper mesh bags. Gym-goers can store their workout gear, water bottles, and towels, keeping them fresh and ready for each session. Athletes involved in sports like swimming or tennis can effortlessly organize their equipment, ensuring nothing goes missing during the rush of excitement before a game. The breathable mesh fabric will also help wick away any moisture, keeping your belongings fresh and odor-free.

In addition, the parking lot of the terminal and the parking entrance of the office building have arranged for special personnel to disinfect all incoming vehicles, reminding drivers and passengers to wear masks strictly in accordance with the requirements and do a good job of self-protection. Moreover, there are five self-service disinfection areas in the parking lot of the terminal, which are equipped with disinfectant, disinfection spray, towels and other disinfection appliances for passengers to use.