his pajamas for 10 years, used towel s for eight years,

his pajamas for 10 years, used towel s for eight years,

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Toilet cleaning: the next step is to clean the toilet, the cleaning order of the toilet is to clean up from top to bottom, first to clean the top floor of the toilet, and then to clean the walls. Clean the paint spots and glue marks on the ceramic tile surface with a cleaning ball; and the floor can be cleaned by the floor washer, and then scrub the bathroom hardware accessories with dry towels. The price of ceramic tile wall is higher, because of its fireproof and moisture-proof, not easy to damage and other characteristics, so it is installed in the toilet more. Ceramic tile metope is easier to clean and maintain than other kinds of metope. But the ceramic tile wall of the toilet will also get dirty. How to clean it if it gets dirty?

She and Huang Xiaoming began to be frugal in order to make their children happier when they grew up. On a variety show, baby revealed that he had worn his pajamas for 10 years, used towels for eight years, and would continue to use his suitcase even if it was broken.

3. Olive oil can also effectively take care of your hair. You only need to drop a few drops on the comb when you comb your hair. This not only will not make the hair become greasy, but also has the effect of hair care. After washing your hair every time, you can also apply the right amount of olive oil, and then wrap it with a hot towel for about 10 minutes, which can also make your hair more supple and shiny.

Mother and baby shop staff: “at that time, the child was wrapped in a towel, and someone outside shouted for a while, then I turned around, because the customer shouted for a while, I turned around to see, it was really not ready at that time.”

his pajamas for 10 years, used towel s for eight years,

Finally, a relatively simple method, if the baby has a stuffy nose or has a strong nasal sound, we can choose to use a hot towel hot compress, which will stimulate the nasal mucosa to contract, so as to keep the nasal cavity unobstructed. You can also clean your nose. Have you learned these methods? Return to Sohu to see more

In the early stage, the Huashan District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, according to the “Supplementary notice on the hierarchical and orderly opening of stadiums and gymnasiums” (No. 41) issued by the Municipal epidemic Prevention and Control headquarters, clarified the requirements for the resumption of work of each swimming venue, and promptly informed the publicity in place. Require all swimming venues to resume work and formulate resumption plans and emergency disposal plans, and implement various systems for epidemic prevention and control; implement health management for employees and consumers in accordance with regulations; prepare prevention and control materials for not less than two weeks; take effective measures to implement booking, current restriction requirements, entry code scanning, and number requirements; implement site hygiene and water quality hygiene (swimming venues) requirements in accordance with the relevant regulations of the health department People who come to Malaysia or who are in close contact with people in key areas of fever should be reported in time; ventilation and disinfection measures should be in place, and common slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items should not be used to avoid cross-infection.

4. Map (map can be put in handlebar bag), small quick hanging (easy to pick up small items, towels, hats, garbage bags, compass, Swiss Army knife on backpack). Pay attention to take more garbage bags, when it rains, you can cover the outside of the shoes, if the shoes are wet through, you can put them on your feet and wear wet shoes. In the tape roll of transparent tape, you can temporarily fix all kinds of things.

Now the route of decoration has gradually become “intelligent”. Almost every household has one or two smart household appliances, and many people have begun to choose electric towel racks when decorating bathrooms, but we must remember to do our homework in advance. Electric towel racks must be bought carefully!

Long-term use of towels will make the originally smooth and delicate skin rough, and in the process of rubbing, it will also make the skin appear fine lines prematurely. Friends who already have problems with the skin using towels to wash their faces for a long time will aggravate these problems, resulting in repeated attacks of blackheads and acne.